Teamopoly® – Business Simulation Team Building Activity.

Teamopoly® is a unique method that can improve the effectiveness of a management team, both in their performance as individuals and also as part of a balanced and effective team.

It is recognised that many organisations are looking for methods of practical implementation of Dr. Belbin’s Team Role concept. They have found that the education of managers in the theory of Team Roles is not sufficient in itself, to move an organisation forward and achieve significant benefits.

As is often the case with significant new concepts, a change of attitude is required to unlock the full potential. The key is an experiential learning exercise which this simulation provides.

Teamopoly® Description

Teamopoly® was developed during the research done about predicting Management Teams performance which was led by Dr. Meredith Belbin at The Management College of Henley. It is a psychological business simulation that will expose the participants’ behaviour as team members, as business people and how they handle the work in teams due to the difference of team composition.

The exercise is based on Monopoly with considerable modifications to the rules to make the game a competitive exercise between teams instead of individuals and to encourage the emergence of distinct roles within each group. This will allow participants to gain experience in the application of team building principles.


Whilst the simulation activity is based on and around teams, it is the individual in a team, that will derive benefit by:

  • Appreciating and having confidence in their own strengths
  • Recognising and accepting their weaknesses
  • Knowing who to look for to complement their strengths
  • Knowing who to avoid for duplicating their strengths
  • Learning to tolerate those that have different weaknesses to them
  • Realising opportunities to maximise their contribution
  • Finding out how to minimise exposure to their weaknesses

In addition, if they are responsible for designing or managing a Team, then they will also:

  • Learn a set of essential criteria for Team Design
  • Discover causes for existing Team Pressures
  • Recognise opportunities to empower certain Team Members
  • Acquire a non-threatening language for discussing People & Projects
  • Gain an insight into successful job placement for their team members

Each participant will receive a team role profile of how they currently see themselves and also an indication of how others perceive them. Based on the combination of these, a textual profile is given which offers advice on management style and how best to project oneself. These will be supplemented by comments on the team from the seminar Director and assistants who observe participants throughout the exercise.

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