Belbin Reports

Belbin Reports identify which of the nine Team Role behaviours individuals prefer, and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.

A variety of different types of Report are available.

To help us identify which combination of the Team Roles a person exhibits, we produce personalised behavioural Reports for both individuals and teams.

These Reports identify which of the nine key clusters of behaviour (or Team Roles) crucial to the success of a team or project individuals prefer, and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses.

The starting point is the Belbin Individual Report which identifies which combination of the nine Team Roles and individual exhibits.  To enhance the value of our Individual Reports, other people are invited to share their observations too (we call these Observer Assessments) via a quick five-minute online questionnaire.  We believe in the value of Observer Assessments so much that we include them for free with every Individual Report.

Once Individuals have their Reports, the information can be used to generate other Belbin Reports, most of which require no additional input from you or your teams.

Please note – if you have been using, or have been given, a self-scoring version of the Belbin Self-Perception Inventory, you are not using the authorised version of Belbin. Please contact us if you want to check that you have the proper version of Belbin reports.

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